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Kisenyi Childrens Foundation Child sponsership profile

Who we are........ 

Kisenyi Children Foundation (KCF) is a nonprofit community based organization (CBO)  formed in 2010 in Kampala, Uganda by a group of a group of community leaders and former street children, familiar with the struggles of street life, who wanted to help orphans and street children children in their community current street children to see their potential and to get off the streets. We started with basic outreach sessions in Kisenyi, the largest slum in Kampala, seeking the most vulnerable children  and providing all the food, basic medical care and emotional support we could give. We have expanded our reach greatly since then, but our mission has remained the same:

KCF seeks to support orphans and vulnerable children to grow and succeed.
With this goal always in mind, we have continued to provide services to some of the hardest-to-reach children who are most in need of support and have the fewest resources at their disposal. We are a small organization fully committed to the needs of our local community. 

Who the Kids Are

Currently 15 children are in our programs. These include 10 boys and 5  girls, ranging in age from 2 years to 16 years. Many come in with significant psychological trauma or having spent years out of school. Poverty, HIV/AIDS, and civil conflicts in recent years in Uganda have driven many of these children to the streets, either by economic necessity (to work and support their families) or because they simply have nowhere else to go.
In addition, we continue to provide basic outreach services to numerous children still on the streets, dealing with the everyday pressures of violence, drugs, poor sanitary conditions and health problems. This outreach includes meal provision, crisis intervention (i.e., dealings with the police, hospital admissions), basic first aid and medical care, and cultural activities and performances. 

What We Do

In addition to operating our shelter, KCF seeks to provide children at our home with the following:
·         Subsidization of school fees and provision of school supplies
·         Healthy and nourishing meals
·         Counseling and emotional support
·         Therapy through arts and drama
·         Training in dance and acrobatics
·         Skills in income-generating activities including jewelry making, animal caretaking, agriculture and traditional crafts
·         A community of support and belonging with other children
·         Where possible, resettlement with family or in home community
In addition, we are advocates for the children we serve, and all of the street children of Uganda, at both the community and governmental level. We seek to raise awareness of the plight these children face and to spark action to assist and heal these children, rather than to punish or incarcerate.

How you Can Help
There are a number of ways to support KCF’s work. Below are suggestions of sponsorship ‘levels’ that might guide your donation:
1. Full sponsorship of one child -$50 per month As part of the sponsorship ,you will receive quarterly reports from staff with pictures outlining the child’s progress, report cards summaries after each school term and correspondence opportunities  with the child. We are open to feedback should you be interested in additional particular info/opportunities for communication.
2. Partial sponsorship of one child- $30 per month – same as above but you will be matched with another donor in order to provide full support to a child.

3. An amount of your choosing (either a one- time donation or a monthly sum) – As part of this form sponsorship, you will receive quarterly report of the program and an update on children in general. This form of sponsorship is also highly needed and very much appreciated.

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