Sunday, 7 October 2012

Busy September!!

Hello once again everyone,
we thank you all for your support and love you showed us last month, all those who helped us to do our work to improve the lives of street  children and orphans. We renewed our certificate and also the city council of Kampala gave us an award for our outstanding work. 

we also thank the people who came down here and we worked together and volunteered and we also thank you so much for the donations and medical equipment, we are very grateful and the children are very happy for the clothes and books.

we held a lot of class room study, counseling and teaching the children about their rights, the dangers of drug abuse and the importance of staying in school.

we also had a lot of sport and recreation activities, we played football with other charities and also we invited other volunteers to come and do internship with us.
This photo down here is our football team together with Mom and Naomi, we had a very good time with mom and Naomi, the kids liked them a lot and we enjoyed that Sunday very much, the kids loved the refreshments and the video shoot

we also did a lot of donations like giving out clothes and sports equipment and also treated the kids who had injuries and those who were sick during our program-me, those who were very sick were sent to the hospital, and we give special thanks to our friends in Denmark, France, Belgium and the UK.

We thank Mr Roland Buelens for all the donations you flew to us and the big heart you and your family have for the children, the photo down was taken when we the children were saying bye to you and they were very happy for everything, i think you can see the smiles on their faces

we thank our friends and partners for all the support to this cause, we shall soon update and post the activities and program mes for October soon, peace and love, greetings from the children.

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