Wednesday, 31 October 2012


Hello Every one,

We really appreciate  so much the support you give which enable us always reach out to the children.
This month has been full of ceremonies  and getting to know our history for the last 50 years which was great.

At the foundation our focus was on our under 12 soccer team so impressed with the boys and their coach.
Some kids from a  local school  invited us for a cup match on Independence day but sad note we lost the game this team is full of street kids as you all know who come to in our weekly programs at the foundation.
Most come in our foot ball programs to discover their talents  and unity together as a group to socialize with friends some  even make strong positive decisions in life like stop taking drugs or may not to get involved in violence
 Here is our under 12 boys foot ball team with our new foot shirts donated  by one of our friends from Netherlands.

 We moved on with meeting the kids at the community center this month had Kizito George William got a burn on his skin and Musaka Ivan with car accident my team and i worked so hard to see that this guys are still now in the main hospital  still monitoring their progress below is the photos of Ivan and George during in our program at the community center.

We still have our feeding program some times other miss out to get food  due to increasing number of the street children.
My special thanks goes to all those friends who spend a little from what their have in this hard economical times making sure that we have to feed this children it means a lot below is the photos of the street kids when having food during our program.

Appreciate so much the love you share with us in Uganda cause we have more than 360 page viewers which is amazing you can share this with some of your friends God bless peace and love and unity always.



  1. Very bad to see the people like this. Need to help like this poor people by some one who have good enough money.
    Heart Foundation

  2. hi,

    tat is true but you can help me to share this with some of your friends or donate towards the foundation.